DECAPINOL® is a novel, first in class, medical device to help treat gingivitis and prevent periodontitis by preventing the plaque formation on the teeth’s and gum’s surface .

How does Decapinol® work?

Delmopinol, a surface-active cationic agent, is the key ingredient in DECAPINOL®. Delmopinol interacts with the early acquired pellicle, the thin layer of saliva polymers and proteins covering teeth and gums. Upon this DECAPINOL® forms a barrier over teeth and gums. This barrier changes the tension on the teeth and gums, preventing the microbial adhesion and colonisation on the tooth and gum surface. The formation of new plaque is significantly reduced to help treat gingivitis and prevent periodontitis.

Delmopinol is probiotic and has no bactericidal activity. It maintains the oral bacteria flora in balance. This healthy balance of non-pathogenic and pathogenic bacteria adds a positive effect to the anti-gingivitis treatment goal and protects the mouth from an excess of pathogenic bacteria.
DECAPINOL® is well tolerated and does not interact with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a common ingredient in toothpastes.


How do I use Decapinol®?

DECAPINOL® MOUTHWASH 300ml contains 0.2% delmopinol and is commonly used for the management of gingivitis. It has a minty flavour and contains 1.5% alcohol to dilute the flavour into solution. Rinse 10ml of Decapinol mouthwash for 30sec and expectorate, use twice a day, avoid eating and drinking for about 30 minutes after the use of DECAPINOL®

DECAPINOL® TOOTHPASTE 75ml contains 0.2% delmopinol and 0.11% sodium fluoride (NaF). DECAPINOL® TOOTHPASTE is alcohol-free, has a minty flavour and is commonly used for the long-term prevention of plaque formation between dental visits. The efficacy of delmopinol coupled with sodium fluoride enable DECAPINOL® TOOTHPASTE to replace common toothpastes. Brush your teeth with DECAPINOL® TOOTHPASTE as instructed by your dental professional.

How is it tolerated?

DECAPINOL® is usually well tolerated. The side effects of DECAPINOL® MOUTHWASH are mild and temporary and are commonly associated with a numbing and/or a tingling sensation on the tongue. Changes in taste and a feeling of dry mouth can occur for a short while after each rinsing at the beginning of use. These side effects subside as use continues. Light staining can normally be removed by brushing the teeth.

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